About us

Years of playing together have created the sound of Darren Dutson Bromley and Tony Otyehel from their early days in Bradford band Sloan Square East to today.

The paths taken are different, but music has always been their first love. Sharing an eclectic taste in music and a knack of being in tune with each other – their style is very free-flowing and mostly improvised – deferring fixed recordings in favour of live recorded sessions.

Darren is an accomplished professional musician in his own right, and Tony – though still writing and composing – works in graphic design and web development. In their spare time, Darren and Tony work on joint projects such as the Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival and GuitarBytes.

This is a journey into ideas that have been put down for prosperity before they are lost – a journey into Jazz, Soul, Blues and beyond…

All music and arrangements are © copyright of Anthony Otyehel and Darren Dutson Bromley and all rights are reserved with attribution given for each track.

We hope you enjoy our music and would love to hear what you think.